Bobby Friedman is a Brooklyn-based award-winning screenwriter with a background in classic literature, philosophy, journalism, and music studies.   

His literary work has received accolades in dozens of film festivals internationally, including Oscar-qualifying Rhode Island Flickers Film Festival, the Finish Line Script competition, as well as Oaxaca Film Festival, which has been named by MovieMaker as one of the top 25 festivals in the world. In 2020, Bobby wrote and directed “Coping Mechanisms,” a visual album for 9x Grammy nominee Tayla Parx and Atlantic Records. In 2022, his creative company, Brainchild Creative, is set to release a six episode comedy series entitled “Under Cover Comic.” 

In addition to writing and filmmaking, Bobby Friedman has worked for decades as a musician in NYC’s Greenwich Village circuit, as well as stints in acting, stand-up comedy and sports journalism (Sports Illustrated’s Fansided network and DailyKnicks.com).