In 2020, Bobby’s team has completed a three-part thriller anthology called, “Betta Tank.” Part one, “The Stranger” is currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

In 2020, Bobby has also been collaborating with Grammy-nominated recording artist Tayla Parx on her web-series “Couched with Tayla Parx” as well as directing her forthcoming visual album “Coping Mechanisms” including her single “Residue

Expecting (2019)

“Expecting” is a feature film currently in pre-production, written and directed by Bobby Friedman. The screenplay was an official selection of the Vancouver Badass Film Festival as well as a semi-finalist in Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes.

“Expecting” asks its audience to think about mortality and how life is often not what we are expecting at all. In the story, everyone’s “death date” is known from the moment they are born. At a dinner party thrown to lift the spirits of a friend who has a death date approaching, Julian reveals to both the party and his wife’s surprise that he doesn’t know his death date. After much peer pressure and against his wife’s wishes, he checks it through a nifty app, only to learn that his death date is in 18 minutes…

Under Cover Comic (2019)

“Under Cover Comic” has been nationally received at film festivals with official selections, nominations, and other accolades, including:

Featuring Nominee for Best Actress (Amita Sharma) at IMDb sponsored Indie Short Fest (LA)

Awarded Best New Male Director (Bronze) at the Los Angeles Independent Shorts Awards